13 August 2012

Topshop dress with issues


So I found this dress in a charity shop the other week. It's from Topshop originally and is a really strange fit. Basically, the dress is a size 8 and I thought it would be fine because it is like a weird lycra material.. but's it weird, man. The top of the sleeves constantly fall down! I don't get it.... if anything it should be tight rather than falling down! So I have to keep tucking it into my bra straps which is a bit annoying but I really like the print and the colours and I really want to dye my hair lilac next and this dress will go AWESOME with that hair... well..it'll be very matchy matchy, but I love a good match.
Here I am looking SO happy..
My hair is pretty multicoloured and isn't quite a deep as this picture makes out....I am loving it though!

Oh la la. Hope you're all well! I'm going to Greenman festival at the weekend and I CAN'T WAIT...It'll be my first festival (at the grand old age of 24)..and I'm hoping it doesn't rain, cos I ain't got no wellies!

In a while crocodiles! xxxx


  1. I love the last photo, how it's slightly out of focus but your eyes are really connected. Wonderful and I love the dress. I have had that problem with lycra scoop back leotards, its so annoying

    The Marilyn Adventures

  2. Gorg dress ! I'm in love with it :)